the golden rules of nutrition

Our nutrition programme gives you the tools to really make an impact on your diet. Follow our Golden Rules below and use our bank of recipes along with the Meal Planner and Shopping List tools to put together a full week of meals and know exactly what you need to buy

We have prepared some Menu options already for you to choose from if you aren’t feeling too creative depending on if you are a Meat-Eater, Vegetarian or Vegan!

How to attain your point for nutrition

  • No fizzy, sugary drinks – Coke / Lemonade etc
  • No refined sugars – sweets / milk chocolate.
  • At least 4 pints of high quality water per day – including first thing in the morning and before bed.
  • Foods from source – no ‘ready meals’
  • At least 3 types of vegetables per day
  • No alcohol consumption on weekdays 

Nutrition Tips

  • Aim to go organic where possible – especially on thin skinned fruit and vegetables – tomatoes / apples / peppers / leafy green vegetables etc.
  • Dark chocolate – 80% and above is best and can be consumed daily – 2 small squares.
  • Fizzy drinks – soda water slimline tonic are great alternatives, flavour with fruit including limes or lemons to avoid refined sugars
  • Buy a water filter to purify your water as this is one of the most important elements required for the human body to work efficiently.
  • Reduce caffeine consumption to 3 or less cups of coffee per day. Consume these before 4pm to avoid sleep issues.
  • If you are consuming alcohol look to buy a good quality beverage. Avoid lagers, beers, ciders and cheap wine as these all contain a lot of sugar.